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iQOS expands in the USA

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Update time : 2020-03-03 21:19:00

After a seemingly endless battle to get past the FDA’s tortuous approval process, iQOS finally went on sale in the USA in September. Initially it was only available from a single store in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the last two months PMI have rolled it out to several more outlets around Atlanta. Now they’re expanding to a new city – Richmond, Virginia.

There’s some significance in this for PMI, because Richmond is the company’s hometown. They’re planning to use the same strategy as they did in Atlanta. A single iQOS Store will open this month in the city’s Carytown district, selling kits and accessories. Meanwhile around 150 retailers in the city will sell HEETs, rapidly building a network of shops where users can get daily supplies.

Right now only the iQOS 2.4 is available in the USA. The FDA’s licensing process is incredibly petty, and the authorisation it grants only applies to a single model of the device. However, in recognition of how fast HnB technology is changing the agency has now announced an accelerated approval pathway for technological upgrades to approved products. That means more advanced iQOS versions could potentially be approved for the US market quite quickly.

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