NEAFS Mojito 1.5% Nicotine Sticks – 200 Sticks

Item No.: 3
Neafs Mojito Sticks ,imagine the feeling of a puff after drinking



1.With Double Sealed Sticker Proof to Ensure no Leakages by Storages .

2.With Bottom Sealed Foam to Ensure all Particles will be Pulled out after finished


A Rich " Tobacco Blend " Created by Tea Powder from Neafs Tech .

Suitable for whom smoke Classic Tobacco Cigarettes .

You will not feel any difference with Traditional cigarette tastes


Important hint :    Pregnant women, lactating women, and children are prohibited.


Product Description


By heating tobacco rather than burning it, Neafs creates tobacco vapour, not smoke. Neafs vapour dissipates more quickly than cigarette smoke. It does not negatively impact indoor air quality, as proven by international air quality tests and is not a source of second hand smoke.


Unlike cigarettes, Neafs does not burn tobacco and therefore produces no ash.



Compatiable with The Major Heater : IQO and all other Similar Branded Devices .

Step1.  Insert The Stick into Heater .
Step2.  Keep Pressing the button for 3 seconds until the device vibrates and light is on .
Step3.  Heating for 20 seconds, until the device vibrates again ,then Ready to Start .



Packaging & Shipping

Neafs Cooperated with the biggest Printing Suppliers which supplied to China tobacco and Gobal Tobacco Companies to Print All Neafs Packages ,which deliveries the Best “Cigarette “ Packages Results .

Package 20 Sticks Per Pack , 10 Packs Per Box ,50 Boxes Per Carton


Company Information

ESON factory was established in 2011 , we created Neafs in 2020 .
Neafs is actively engaged in the development and commercialization of reduced-risk smoking products . In addition to sereval other IP holdings, the Company has developed an innovation heat-not-burn reduced-risk smoking sticks which uses proprietary sticks that are pure ,natual and non tobacco ingredients,but offers enjoyable reduced-risk smoking experience . The term reduced-risk smoking products refers to products that present, are likely tpresent, or have the potential to present less risk of harm to smokers who switch to those products versus continued smoking because they produce far lower quantities of harmful and potentially harmful compounds than those produced by ordinary smoking

eson factory office gmp workshop 2 


Where is the R&D center?

Our R&D center is in ShenZhen ,Swiss .  Production base is in China.


How many different flavors does it have?

5 flavors Available :Original ,Menthol, Blueberry Blast ,Ice Lemon,Mojito


Do we Supply OEM or ODM Service ?

Yes ,we do supply .


Do we offer Distribution right  ?

Yes , We do , Global Distributors are wanted


What's the requirement to be an agent?

1.You'r interested in our product.

2.Have business or company.

3.Have a sales ability to become an agent.

4.Have the ability to do customs clearance.